Simple, Intuitive interface

Online (browser based) and mobile device versions

Illustrate estate, financial and philanthropic projections

Pre-set Investment Profiles

There are five pre-set Investment Profiles built-in to start the dialogue without the client needing to input private information. You will be able to effectively highlight that it makes sense for the client to consider offsetting capital asset taxes by giving to a charity.

US and Canadian tax rates

Included are continual updates to US and Canadian tax rates and categories. GIFTABULATOR® is a SAaS (Software as a Service) there are continual new updates and revisions that will ensure you will always have the latest in features and capabilities. All users access GIFTABULATOR® through their Internet browser, eliminating the need to install or maintain software on users' computers.

Illustrate Major Gift and Bequest Scenarios

Imagine zero tax, how much would you give now or bequeath? Show strategies on how to reduce taxes on the annual or terminal tax return. Consider, either a donate-to-eliminate today or a specific value bequest as a percentage of tax reduction, or as a percentage of market value.

Project Impact of Gifting Now and Into the Future

Demonstrate how a Big Funding Gift or a Bequest will impact a client's potential net assets into the future. Show them giving scenarios that would not have a significant impact on their lifestyle or estate plans.

Illustrate Estate Planning Scenarios

Demonstrate the importance of planning an estate to effectively maximize asset transfer to heirs, reduce tax and maximize gifting to charity.

Printable PDF Summary

Print out a copy of your session that the client can take to their lawyer, accountant or investment advisor as a next step.


GIFTABULATOR® performs calculations on a chosen investment profile, customized by the client. Calculations include but are not limited to: Optimal Gift, Maximum Income Tax Credit, Inclusion Rate, Taxable Capital Gain, Tax Owing, Multi-Year Projections, Multi-Year Pledges, Gift as a Percentage of Net Assets, Gift as a Percentage of Tax Reduction, Gift in Securities vs Cash, Bequest amount, Net Assets after Bequest and Tax, Tax Reduction Table and Chart, Net Capital Gains after Gift, Net Income after Gift, Asset Projections and Gift Distribution.

Coming soon: Charitable Remainder Trust calculations (Present Value of Trust, Instant Tax Credit for Donation, Tax Payable on Capital Gain, Net Tax Credit), Insurance Gift calculations